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Welcome to my home page.
I offer general legal services including General Civil Laws, Corporate Laws etc. My specialized areas are Maritime Law and International Cases.
I have 3 beliefs as a lawyer:
1 To explain to myclientsclearly so that they can understand well
2 To offer a choice of solutions and advise on thebest one for my clients
3 To recognize the importance of each case to my clients and always to do my best
I’m developing my practice every day so that clients can rely on me.
Please feel free to contact me about any problems.


June 2015
This homepage has been launched.
May 2015
I have attended IPBA(Inter-Pacific Bar Association) and ICMA(International Congress of Maritime Arbitrators) in Hong Kong.
May 2015
My article about an LNG voyage charterparty appeared in the May issue of Marine Law Review.